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MEgood is a serious game with a playful character!

Directly in practice and towards a goal of your choice. No words but deeds. By playing, you contribute to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. An extra bonus.

MEgood calls this "Personal WEvelopment."


By playing

It's your turn in our Personal WEvelopments. You take up the challenge through 28 short-term activities.

As a player you make a difference: For yourself. For your environment.

The "Personal WEvelopment" of your choice is offered online. You play it in the real world. There is immediate result.


You challenge yourself

Every Personal WEvelopment contains a measurable challenge. A measurable challenge to show how well you are heading towards your goal. This shows how you have improved.

This is your personal impact meter.


To improve

You can improve yourself with your qualities. The efforts are shown in your personal sustainability symbol. This grows if you play more Personal WEvelopments. You can share this!


And to connect

Play alone or together with others in a clan.

It connects people like you all over the world. In addition, there is enough opportunity to get into a network of people who have played the same Personal WEvelopments.

Because MEgood is WEgood.



What can you expect?

The first Personal WEvelopments will be online no later than 1 January 2020.