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The Goody can be used to purchase Personal WEvelopments. It also can be a nice gift for example for family, friends, sport team members, collegues or the employees of your organization. And there is more to come...

The first signs that MEgood will be successful are a fact.

If you would like to have a phone call with us first, to find out more about MEgood, before you purchase: you can reach Adriaan den Ouden via + 31 6 203 48 053 or at

In case you want to purchase Goodies, you can transfer the money to NL68 KNAB 025 85 777 89, KNAB, MEgood B.V. Rotterdam with description: Goodies + your e-mailadres. After recieving the payment we will e-mail you the Goodies within 24 hours.

If you are interested in entering into a partnership with MEgood’s Goody, you can contact us too!